The World’s Largest Alpona in Bangladesh
"On 13th April, 2012, to celebrate the coming of the Bangla new year, airtel, supported by Prothom Alo, got together with 5 of the country’s leading artist to create history. The dream was to paint the world’s largest Alpona- a local street art form- on Manik Mia avenue in Dhaka.
220 young artists, supported by thousands of Dhakaites, worked from 12AM to 6AM, using almost 3,600 liters of paint to create an Alpona that stretched from one end of the Manik Mia to another. The 1 km long Alpona created covered a staggering area of 260,000 sft, and was the perfect way to mark the start of 1419!”

Video by Maverick Studios